Six Short Videos for Paedocommunion

2010 February 22

I have just finished six short videos arguing for paedocommunion.  Below is the table of contents; click here to go to the video page with all of them.

#1 – Passover: Plain Inclusion in Exodus 10

#2 – Passover: All the Covenant Community Must Eat

#3 – 1 Corinthians 11: Proclamation Doesn’t Exclude

#4 – 1 Corinthians 11: Remembrance Doesn’t Exclude

#5 – 1 Corinthians 11: Examination/Worthiness Don’t Exclude

#6 – 1 Corinthians 10 and 12 Require All the Covenant Community to Eat


Passover Included Children [Part 1]

2010 January 30

Passover was not withheld from Hebrew children who could eat food.

One of the more contentious pieces of the paedocommunion debate is whether the Passover included children in the Old Testament.  Over 4 posts, I will show that children were participants.

The argument against paedocommunion falls on Ex 12.26 for backing, assuming that the “What do you mean by this” means the children do not participate.  Here is the passage Keep Reading>

All Who Eat are In, All Who are In Eat [Part 2]

2010 January 28

In Part 1, I tried to link the idea of UNION of the body with the celebrated union of FEASTING.  This is the pattern of union and communion we see in baptism and the Eucharist, or in the Old Testament, in circumcision and the peace offerings (culminating in the Passover peace offering).

In Part 2, I want to show that the household unity is crucial to the whole idea of sacramental feasting in the Old Testamant.

Here are four verses out of two texts that are referring to the peace offerings (sh’lamim) Keep Reading>

All Who are In Eat, All Who Eat are In [Part 1]

2010 January 23

Unity and Feasting go together in scripture.  If you are on the fence about giving covenant children communion, let me suggest a few maxims and demonstrate them quickly:

  1. Both initiation (baptism/circumcision) and covenant renewal meal (Passover/Lord’s Supper) show the BOUNDARIES of who is labeled as one of God’s covenant members.
  2. Baptism AND Communion are labeled TOGETHER as makers of the the UNITY of the Body.

To say that one more time,  both sacraments express 1) Boundaries, and 2) Unity.  All who eat are in, all who are in eat.

Here is what I think is an efficient list Keep Reading>


2009 June 1

Easter – Video: Resurrected Children and Passover

2009 April 12


2009 April 4

I wrote this post in response to this post of Doug Wilson’s at Blog and Mablog:


As a friend and I have often discussed the Eucharist, We have mentioned that there is a good word to use for the meal, a word that gives us “Real” significance, real participation in a real spiritual action, a word that answers the need for real presence without magic, but also avoids mere memorialism:

The Meal is Covenantal.
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