All Who Eat are In, All Who are In Eat [Part 2]

2010 January 28

In Part 1, I tried to link the idea of UNION of the body with the celebrated union of FEASTING.  This is the pattern of union and communion we see in baptism and the Eucharist, or in the Old Testament, in circumcision and the peace offerings (culminating in the Passover peace offering).

In Part 2, I want to show that the household unity is crucial to the whole idea of sacramental feasting in the Old Testamant.

Here are four verses out of two texts that are referring to the peace offerings (sh’lamim) Keep Reading>


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2008 November 4
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New Page – Quick Review

2007 October 14

I have just written a new page “Quick Review.” You can see its tab above, or its listing at the right. Any comments made may help me modify its contents.

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2007 September 2

I have just started this blog, and will be building it a bit at a time before “opening” it up for real.  I will be trying to add pages (see the bar at the right) and resources for the promotion of the non-prohibition of covenant children at the Lord’s supper.

If you would like to contribute questions for the FAQ section, or known resources, please send them my way.  Email to: