Six Short Videos for Paedocommunion

2010 February 22

I have just finished six short videos arguing for paedocommunion.  Below is the table of contents; click here to go to the video page with all of them.

#1 – Passover: Plain Inclusion in Exodus 10

#2 – Passover: All the Covenant Community Must Eat

#3 – 1 Corinthians 11: Proclamation Doesn’t Exclude

#4 – 1 Corinthians 11: Remembrance Doesn’t Exclude

#5 – 1 Corinthians 11: Examination/Worthiness Don’t Exclude

#6 – 1 Corinthians 10 and 12 Require All the Covenant Community to Eat


Easter – Video: Resurrected Children and Passover

2009 April 12

What Does the Body Know About Itself?

2009 April 1

What if we ask the question of the benefit to the Eucharist this way: not what good a sacrament is for the individual, but what good it is for the WHOLE body in worship.

We do baptize people who have no concept of what is happening – and that serves in great part to teach the congregation about both themselves and that young member. I would say that part of the BODY issue about sacraments is that it is WE who celebrate sacraments together, not I who celebrate the sacrament alone. So when a child in my church communes, (young or younger), we may ask what the benefit is to the child, but I think we shouldn’t forget that its benefit might in part be that benefit to all the other eyes that watch and to the hands that administer.

The gospel, in that context is telling ME that the covenant blesses when SOMEONE ELSE partakes.

Pastor Lonn Oswalt – Immanuel Presbyterian, Clinton, Mississippi

2009 March 19

Great Site! – Covenant Renewal Dot Com

2009 February 8

I had noticed this site before in passing, but I just saw that it is Tim Gallant’s work.  I think it is a great place to go read up.

A Three Year Old’s Concern for Paedocommunion

2009 January 25

Today, my family and I visited a local church – a reformed and Presbyterian church whose ministry and godliness I would not like to dishonor.  They are faithful in the gospel.

However, since they do not allow children to commune, and since today was a communion Sunday, we decided to leave before the meal.

I just didn’t want to have to explain in the service to my daughters why they couldn’t have the meal they know as their own.

In the car, my wife was explaining why we left early to my children.  My three and a half year old was surprised that a church would not allow her to eat the meal (since her experience is still limited).

She said, “Why do they do that?”

My wife said, “Anastasia, they are trying to do the right thing, and they think that is what the Bible says, but Daddy and Mommy think they are wrong about that portion of the Bible.”

Anastasia: “Daddy, you have to tell those people!”

— Don’t forget,

Jesus, Lord at Thy Birth

2008 December 11

This thought comes out of this Christmas / Advent season.

Jesus dwelt among his people as word tabernacling in the midst of the camp (John 1.1-14).

He came to us as a baby.

In his first years, the infant years, the irony of communion is that to commune with him meant to COMMUNE with an infant.

He was able to communue in a way that shows joyous spiritual connection with John the Baptist, his cousin, while both were still in utero (Lk 1.39-45).  Both Lord and Communicant member of the covenant were infant.

But, “out of the mouth of infants and nursing babes, you have ordained praise.”  (Ps 8)